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Refuelling Solutions, Mini-Tankers Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 050 220 016), Maxi-Tankers Pty Ltd (ACN 117 406 934) and their related bodies corporate (within the meaning of section 50 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)) (each and any combination “RFS“) may collect information about customers and proposed customers of RFS, as well as individuals associated with the customer (including, without limitation, any guarantor or proposed guarantor of a customer’s obligations to RFS) (each an “Information Provider”).

The kinds of information that RFS collects and holds

Depending on the particular circumstances, RFS may collect, hold, use and disclose a range of personal information, and other information, about Information Providers. This may include:

  • full names, contact details (including postal address, email address and/or telephone number); and/or
  • age, sex and financial information.

This is not an exhaustive list. For example, in certain cases, RFS may also request:

  • the Information Provider’s consumer credit and/or commercial credit and trading arrangements information
  • credit reports; and
  • other credit and trading information concerning the Information Provider or the Information Provider’s business.

Where the Information Provider provides RFS personal information about another person for the Purpose, the Information Provider agrees to inform that person about the disclosure of their personal information, the terms of this privacy policy and the reasons for the disclosure.

How RFS collects and holds information

RFS may collect information in a number of ways, including:

  • directly from Information Providers;
  • from third parties which have been authorised to disclose information about an Information Provider;
  • from publicly available sources of information;
  • when RFS is legally authorised or required to do so; or
  • through digital communications, such as when an Information Provider visits the RFS website.

Information Providers have a right not to provide information to RFS. In addition, where practicable and lawful, RFS will allow Information Providers to interact with RFS anonymously or by using a pseudonym.

The way in which RFS holds information varies according to the circumstances. For example, RFS may store information in hard copy or electronic format, in storage facilities that RFS owns and operates itself, or in storage facilities that are owned and operated by third party service providers. RFS uses logical and physical security measures to protect information from loss, interference, unauthorised access, use, modification or disclosure and against other misuse

The way in which information is used

RFS may use an Information Provider’s information for a range of different purposes including:

  • assessing any application for commercial credit or trading account;
  • doing business with, or assessing whether to do or continue to do business with, an Information Provider;
  • managing of customer accounts;
  • verifying an Information Provider’s identity;
  • communicating with an Information Provider;
  • providing an Information Provider with the information, products and/or services requested by the Information Provider;
  • personalising the Information Provider’s experience on the RFS website;
  • performing research and analysis; and
  • related secondary purposes for which RFS could reasonably be expected to use the information.

Direct Marketing

RFS may also use information so that RFS and its business partners can promote and market products and/or services that RFS think may be of interest to its customers (including products and/or services provided by a third party). This marketing may be carried out in a variety of ways (including by email or by customising online content) and may continue after a customer ceases acquiring products and/or services from RFS, until a customer opts-out. Customers may opt-out by emailing RFS at the address set out in “Contact RFS” below, or by following the “unsubscribe” instructions in any email communication customers receive from RFS.


Common situations in which RFS may disclose information about an Information Provider include:

  • disclosing the Information Provider’s information to third party service providers;
  • disclosing information about the Information Provider to and from any credit reporting agency, credit provider, bank or financial institution or any other corporation, association or person in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) or any other lawful purpose;
  • obtaining credit reporting information about the Information Provider from any credit reporting agency or body to assess any application for commercial credit or to collect overdue payments from the Information Provider where applicable;
  • disclosing the Information Provider’s credit eligibility information to another credit provider or credit reporting body for the purpose of processing any application for commercial credit or to open an account by the Information Provider, administering or managing the Information Provider’s account or reporting a default on the Information Provider’s payments or serious credit infringement;
  • disclosing information to RFS’ legal advisors and use it in respect of any claims or legal proceedings involving RFS and the Information Provider; and
  • disclosing the Information Provider’s information to any other person that Information Provider authorises RFS to.

Overseas disclosure

In some cases, RFS may disclose information to organisations, such as RFS’ providers of cloud services and website hosting services, who may be based outside of Australia.

Accessing information

Information Providers may request to access information about them which is held by RFS. Such a request must be made in writing to the address below.

RFS will grant an Information Provider access to their personal information as soon as possible, subject to the circumstances of the request.

A request to access personal information may be rejected if:

  • the request is frivolous or vexatious;
  • providing access would have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of another person;
  • providing access would pose a serious and imminent threat to the life or health of any person;
  • providing access would prejudice RFS’ legal rights; or
  • there are other legal grounds to deny the request.

If RFS refuses to grant access to an Information Provider’s information, RFS will provide the Information Provider with a written explanation including the reasons for refusal.

RFS may charge a fee for reasonable costs incurred in giving access to an Information Provider’s information. Any such fee will be disclosed before being levied.

Correcting information

RFS will take reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information held by RFS. However, if an Information Provider believes that any information held about them is inaccurate or out of date, then they should contact RFS in writing at the “Contact RFS” address below.


If an Information Provider wishes to complain about a breach by RFS of the RFS Privacy Policy, a complaint may be lodged in writing by post or by email to the address set out in “Contact RFS” below.

An RFS representative will be allocated to assess the Information Provider’s complaint and respond to the Information Provider within a reasonable timeframe.

It is the intention of RFS to resolve complaints to the satisfaction of Information Providers. However, if an Information Provider is not satisfied with RFS’ response, the Information Provider is entitled to contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC), on 1300 363 992 or the other contact details on the OAIC’s website (, who may investigate complaints further.


RFS may make changes to this RFS Privacy Policy from time to time without notice. This will be done by the uploading of an updated version onto the RFS website

Contact RFS

If there are any questions regarding the RFS Privacy Policy or the way that RFS manages personal information or any concerns about RFS’ treatment of personal information, then RFS may be contacted by post, telephone or email to the RFS Privacy Officer:

RFS Privacy Officer

Colin Sephton

PO Box 399 Turramurra NSW 2074

Phone 1300 755 395



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