Part of the Refuelling Solutions Group, Maxi-Tankers® direct-to-site bulk refuelling offers solutions to maximise your efficiency and safety of your business.

Maxi-Tankers® Bulk Refuelling, Big Trucks – Unique Solutions

Maxi-Tankers bulk refuelling is the innovator of tailored solutions for direct-to-site refuelling. Built on decades of providing direct-to-equipment refuelling, Maxi-Tankers offers unrivalled convenience in bulk form.

  • With a capacity to deliver bulk fuel, Maxi-Tankers is ideal for refuelling on-site storage tanks, and perfect for haulage applications and large project requirements.
  • Maxi-Tankers bulk refuelling trucks are equipped with high quality safety and monitoring technologies, providing tailored solutions for bulk fuel supply.
  • Maxi-Tankers can be used independently, or incorporated into your tailored Quality Assured refuelling management system, using a combination of Mini-Tankers and Maxi-Tankers to conveniently, productively, safely and efficiently keep your operations running.

Maxi-Tankers direct-to-site diesel refuelling can improve the operation and success of your business. Call us on 1300 755 395  today to discuss how we can work together.  Or contact us using the form below.