Our extensive research into alternative energy sources has led to the creation of Future Fuels

Refuelling Solutions proudly supports our customers as they plan for the future and proactively implement strategies towards greener credentials.

For over two decades we have maintained our reputation as Australia’s #1 provider of on-site refuelling solutions by carefully assessing and fulfilling each customers unique needs.  As environmental pressures, technological developments and the need for self-regulation have grown, so too has our dedication to remain at the forefront of innovations relevant to the environment and your operations.

Biodiesel is our first Future Fuels product offering.  It is competitively priced, has environmental benefits and is Quality Assured to Australian Fuel Quality Standards.  Choosing a Future Fuels solution can help you to:

  • Reduce greenhouse gases and carbon emissions
  • Meet Government regulations
  • Achieve corporate and social responsibility goals
  • Promote your company’s green credentials
  • Improve health benefits of your community
  • Support sustainable renewable fuel sources

Click here to download our biodiesel flyer.

We never stop innovating ways to improve the operation and success of your business.  Available immediately B5, B20 and B100.  Contact Simon Roycroft: M 0418 831 585 or Cliff Kemmett: M 0439 098 375